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Kickstarter start up/ Branding/Design/UX

Product Start up project

Crowdfund Innovations & Support Entrepreneurs


Daybreak as contractor

What we did

Product design consaltant
Mobile app (UI/UX)
Website (UI/UX)
Social media designer
Crowdfunding page design

My Role

Senior UI/UX designer


At first we have been hired to create a backpack branding, but after that we created a hole new idea of a Backpack

Take a look under the hood

First, we started with mood boards, ideas on how to add everything to the backpack. As we got an idea, we started developing 3D models, exploring and researching every device like MiFi, USB ports, speakers, batteries, GPS tracking and other gadgets,

01-First stage

Brainstorming, skething etc…

02-Second stage

3D MODELING, concepts, working on every detail

03-Third stage

Rendering, selecting fabric, concept design

We are ready to make it happen. The team with over 10 people work on this revolutionary product.

Crowdfunding campaigns

First on indiegogo and after that on kickstarter. Total founded for more then one milion dollars.

Website and mobile app

For marketing and product purpose we also made a website and mobile app.

After a big win on crowdfunding campaigns, our CEO decides not to produce the product and instead of buying a cheap Alibaba backpack and putting some batteries in it. Also, he runs away with more than one million dollars. Currently, there is the open case against the former CEO. Maybe there will be justice someday. There is no product produced, there is a bunch of angry backers! But we made an idea and a product and the design is still here, awesome from the first day!

The inside Story

Download our iBackpack case study

Take a look at what tools, methodology, and brand strategy we use in our case study. What are the challenges and solutions, design and experience, and how do we solve them?

Fintech desktop/mobile app's