Swagger Toolbox. Multi-Tool with functionality & fashion.


Swagger Toolbox


Branding, 3D animation, Modeling, Graphic Design


May, 01, 2015

The Swagger team were very skeptical when they first contacted us. They are a start up company without any main budget, but with a great idea. So together we have come up with the best sketches and functionality of a product and started to design it. Models were great, idea was coming to life through a lot a work. With in animation we made, Swagger got some sponsors to make a prototype and lunch it on kickstarter, The main goal was $10.000, but just in a few days on kickstarter and with are marketing and design help the Sweeger box was getting pledges all over the world. The campaigning was finish with over $50.000. and the Arti and Swagger team was very happy about it. We made 10 function mutli-tool set of cufflinks, collar stays & tie clasp. The Swagger Toolbox is the ultimate fusion of elegance and utility!

We received an update from the factory that the Swagger Toolbox will be ready to ship to us between Oct 7th and Oct 14th.  Thanks for your patience as we wait to get these in.  We will let you know when they arrive at our facility, once they get here we will have them shipped to your door step very quickly. Another Project well DONE!

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