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NetSeT Global
SaaS-identity solutions

Digitalization and automatization of immigration processes

will comprise different web applications and a mobile app plus backend services to cover the entire process with the various roles involved. User and Admin. We create easy to use user experience with a design that matches any style. You can just change an image and give a different cultural style to your country.


Net set global

What we did

UX research
Mobile app (UI/UX)
Desktop app
Website front end
Back end app

My Role

Lead UI/UX designer

We create easy to use UX with design that matches any style. You can just change a image and give a difrect culture style for your country.

Get your visa in 3 steps!

For the traveler!

The officials can see, accept and reject eVisa applications with admin aplication.

Border control just scan qr code that you have on an application

The Challenge

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Carl's Jr.
UX\UI design